Pride Pizza

Pride Pizza

For the last several years, I have been lucky enough to be affiliated with an incredible group of people at Mikey’s Late Night Slice. Locally grown, Mikey’s has become a staple in the dining scene as well as the late night eats scene with their delicious pies, Faygo, and open atmosphere. They have given time and time again to many local charities and organizations, they have spoken up and out against hate and discrimination towards the LGBT community, They even gave me the honor of being the face of the “Infamous Sauce”.

Last year at Pride, they honored me with my very own pie. And this year, that asked me if I would nominate someone who would be willing to have their own pizza made and sold during Pride week in Columbus. With the one year anniversary of Marriage Equality, I could not think of anyone more fitting for this delicious honor than Jim Obergefell.


This Pride, go to Mikey’s, get some Obergefell pie, celebrate marriage equality, celebrate PRIDE, celebrate DIVERSITY. Proceeds from this pizza with go to our friends at Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

EAT and be prideful!!!