A new episode of DragCast is here!

A new episode of DragCast is here!

Find your rainbow! We’re finding ours and they’re taking us all over. From RuPaul’s Drag Race to who bit Beyonce’s face. A girl we know looks like Rapunzel and we’ll discuss the newest news about Marlon Bundo. Roseanne’s back and we want to know who’s watching. All that and we’ll hear all about Nina’s recent and upcoming adventures.

Also in this episode: Love Simon, voter registration, favorite film scores, and more!

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DragCast 137 – Drag Queens and Gay Bunnies

DragCast 137 – Drag Queens and Gay Bunnies

The bitches are back! Back with loads of RuPaul and Drag Race news, the dueling books of the White House bunny, the art of Jim Carrey, and a Sex and the City star’s run for governor. Plus, other entertaining entertainment news. And, we’re announcing the Bianca Del Rio ticket winners!

Also in this episode: Katya, Trixie Mattel, Shangela, Walk of Fame, St. Patrick’s day, Savannah, Black Panther, Wakanda Forever, Nina West Film series 2018, Disney Hallmark Easter eggs, Rhianna, and more!


Because Words Matter

Because Words Matter

7 concepts that we won’t let be erased. Because words matter. Get your shirt today. All proceeds will benefit the ACLU, via The Nina West Fund, housed at The Columbus Foundation.


DragCast 126

DragCast 126

The countdown is on to Christmas Day and we are celebrating with a big gift of our own – a new episode of DragCast with Nina West! We are checking in on Nina and her holiday cleanse / challenge, talking about the surprises (and snubs) of the Golden Globe nominations, and news from the Drag Race front, including which reality show of Drag Race alums are appearing on AND which former contestant would Nina date and by date we mean…

Also find out what Patricia would have as her final meal on death row!

Also in the episode: office holiday parties, cookie bake-off’s, Nina and Virginia’s Holiday Special, transgender rights, militaryGQ Magazine, Golden Globe highlights, Golden Globe snubs, Trixie Mattel, Christopher Plummer, Christmas, Last minute gift ideas, exciting announcements, virgin cocktails, Coco, Meryl Streep love, Get Out, and more!

DragCast 125

DragCast 125

We’re back and we’re discussing one of our favorite pastimes–that’s right, cruisin’. Join us to hear all about Nina’s Disney cruise vacation, the new health journey she’s embarking on, and that one time she met Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. Plus, who are our celebrity lookalikes and how to spot a weird brag.

Also in this episode: Disney Fantasy, Drag Coven, Alaska Thunderfuck, pirates, recharging, and more.

Opening Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Virginia and I open our annual holiday show, Nina and Virginia’s Christmas Special! We are running through December 17 and I hope you can make it apart of your busy holiday events and schedule. Either way, we wish you the merriest of holiday seasons, and thank you for making our 2017 so magical.

Heels of Horror Gets SPOOFY

It’s always so much fun to work on these shows and try new things. One of my very favorite things to do are these big, ridiculous spoofs.

The Story Behind “Hello”

For a few years, we have so desperately wanted to spoof the Book of Mormon song “Hello” as a homage to trick-or-treating as a kid. It never seemed to come together. I mean, we had this idea in 2011 when the musical cast album was released. But I just could not get it together. I mean, we have done song spoofs in the shows for years. I think the first was to David Powter’s “Bad Day” as “Bad Gay”, shaming celebrities who stay in the closet. And that was probably in 2006. But we had never done a big choral spoof. And it proved to be very challenging.

And then, a few years ago, something kind of serendipitous happened and two people came into my life – Que Jones AKA Gretta Goodbottom and Terrence Brown. Terrence is this force of incredible energy who dabbled in community theater and performance before he found his way to West Family productions. He mentioned wanting to sing in a show. I hadn’t really thought about that or how it would work, but it pushed me to want to do it. So, Patricia Taylor and I wrote Heels of Horror 8: Dead Air, where we tried live singing onstage in our “radio show” telling of the headless horseman. It went off well, with some minor tech difficulties. We used multiple voices on stage. IT COULD BE DONE! Now, how could this be done with a huge sound? Enter Que, a musical savant who is so incredibly talented. He wrote sheet music, gave us rehearsal times, and opened the door to recording studios. He worked his magic. And he allwoed us to do this big chorus Broadway songs. Our first was a spoof of “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd” and then we did a spoof of Hamilton’s “The Schuyler Sisters”. That immediately put “Hello” back on the table and we began to work. Below is the final show product. I know we are in a different holiday season, but I hope you enjoy this.

The Story of “SCIENTOLOGY”

What can I say? I love Leah Remini. And I am terrified of Scientology. So, why not write a spoof about it? Set to Paula Abdul’s “Vibeology” (my favorite lyric in any song of all time may just be “horny horns!”), this spoof almost wrote itself. Enjoy.


Feeling Beachy

Feeling Beachy

Choose your own adventure. Nina gives us pro tips for doing Disney World solo. Even if it’s not Disney, we’ll remind you to get out and find some adventure. We’re up for anything– except maybe for Swiss cheese ice cream. We’re also talking about destination weddings, getting ready for Christmas, the sad news out of Sutherland Springs and what we do next. And don’t forget to vote today!

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Disney tours, Election day, St Pete, Christmas countdown,Turkish delights


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