We started the podcast in July of 2015. It was actually two days after I had put my beautiful pup, Madison, down. It was such a surreal time and I was in such a terrible place emotionally. And somehow, for a few hours of sitting and talking with my cohost, Patricia, and our guest, Cool Ethan, I was able to pull out of my depression for a bit.

The podcast has and continues to be such a labor of love for us. 100 episodes. And every time we sit down to record, I get to just talk. And laugh. And learn new things. And share wisdom. I love doing this podcast and I love what it has come to mean to me. We have talked about controversial topics, sat down with some truly incredible people, and shared our secrets.

Thank you to everyone who listens and laughs with us. Thank you for allowing us to continue this fun and silly journey. Here is to the next 100!

Check out our 100th episode here!