Strap Them On

by A.Levitt

The day has come that we weren’t ready to handle.

A time to make amends with reality.

My TV glares with a noise – broken pomp and circumstance – broken chance.

Still in shock, still full of sadness, but ready to get to work.

Strap them on.

How do we, you say? How can we even begin? What do we do?

Get over it, GET IN LINE, the train is leaving without you.

We have been here before.

We have felt this reality, but never so hard a backward glance – the ground is shaken in this stance.

Strap them on.

Collectively, we feel alone.  All Together – divided.

Give them what they want – I won’t.

Yes. It hurts. I feel betrayed. My colors run blue. It hurts.

From sea to shining sea, a foggy patriot’s expanse – how far we have come already from our social advance.

Strap them on.

Boots for the farmer in the field and the protestor in the streets

Tennis shoes for the athlete on the court and for the community organizer in the street

Soft soles for a pastor leading her congregation and to the man who prays to the east

Heels for the CEO running her company and the showgirl championing her community

Strap them on.

Strap them on.

Let our souls find replenishment, let our soles be worn down.

Strap them on.

Day one of the fight begins.