There is a new episode of Dragcast out. And the more I think about it, the more my blood boils. There is a lot of shit going on in the world and we are all just trying to figure it out. I think so much of what is happening in the world has made so many of us uneasy and we each, in our own ways, are trying to make sense of it all. I mean, what more is there to say about Donald Trump and his campaign? Just when you think you have seen it all or he has uttered the worst of his thoughts, he comes out and surprises everyone, pushing away a few more moderates but strengthening his base of supporters. I can’t understand it. Beyond politics, we also dive deep into the news of Nico Hines’ catfishing of Olympians through Grindr and using that to out closeted athletes. And then, we talk about the very sad story ro Rae’Lynn Thomas, a beautiful trans woman murdered in Columbus, Ohio.

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And get involved in helping turn the tide on the case of Rae’Lynn Thomas to be recognized as a hate crime.

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CONTACT OHIO LAWMAKERS to change laws for our trans brothers and sisters

CONTACT the Columbus Police to let them know you want this case to be considered a hate crime.